Tandem sledding on Big Trout Lake
Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue 1
Spring 2010


The writing of this newsletter finds the dogs and me once again in Juneau, Alaska, doing tours for cruise ship passengers. We arrived here May 8th and have been very busy setting up and preparing for tours and more recently giving tours.

I am very lucky to be part of a wonderful hard working crew. The crew consists of: four mushers (including myself), three handlers, and a cook/photographer. Besides everyone chipping in and doing their job, we also like each other. It makes for a wonderful environment to live and work in.

Thank you to everyone for your interest in our endeavors, and of course we always love to here from you. The dogs and I will be returning to Minnesota in September and preparing for another winter of tours there. For reservations for next winter or to contact us for any reason, please call 218-244-1265, e-mail suomihillskennel@yahoo.com, or write to Joel Kersting, 37515 Orange Lake Road, Deer River, MN 56636.

Happy Trails to You, Joel

Sky likes to relax


Star is the off-spring of Curly and Coral and a litter mate to Sky. She was whelped in January of 2002.

Star has not exuded a lot of confidence and is a little bit shy around strangers. I think that might be the reason that she did not become a lead dog until later in life. She got started as a lead dog a little over a year ago and led Alaska tours part of last summer, but then she went back to being a team dog for a while. Last fall, winter, and spring I worked her in lead a little more, and now she seems to be a pretty solid leader. I have been pairing her up with Rail this summer because he is a pretty easy going, easy to get along with lead dog. If I were to pair her with someone too rambunctious her confidence might lag a little again.

Star was bred to Amos a few years ago and produced a litter of puppies which included Cedar and Willow, who are strong members of my kennel. More recently I bred Star to Tutshi and now Champ, Cherokee, Otter, Beaver, and Taylor are very promising looking yearlings in my kennel. Also part of that litter is Piper, Cub, and Brewster who live with other mushers.

Though Star is still a little shy around strangers, the trait I like most about her is her sincere affection and loyalty to me. She is a wonderful dog to have on my team.

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